Grid System Planning for Wind: Wind Generator Modeling

A typical wind power plant may contain hundreds of wind turbines that are interconnected through a collector system. Though the impact of individual wind turbines to the electric grid is small, the larger wind power plant can have a significant impact. Because it is impractical to model the individual wind turbines for system simulations, [...]

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Rotor Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic Design Overview Induced velocity in the rotor wake 0.1-3 diameters downstream of the rotor plane of the NREL 5MW wind turbine reference model, as predicted by a free-wake vortex method. Velocity vectors are projected in the planes shown. The aerodynamic design of a wind turbine rotor is performed using a combination [...]

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Simulating Turbine–Turbine Interaction

Instantaneous contours of stream-wise velocity from a LES of the SWiFT test site using the University of Minnesota VWS. The Department of Energy’s Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) facility was commissioned in 2013 in order to provide an experimental site with research-scale wind turbines for studying wind-turbine wakes and turbine–turbine interactions at a [...]

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Sandia Has Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Case Western Reserve University

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) initiates a relationship between our institutions to better leverage our inherently complementary energy research strengths—focusing on R&D activity in utility-scale power and includes energy storage (batteries, capacitors), grid integration of renewable-energy resources, real-time residential and industrial energy management and control, lifetime degradation and science and various forms of advanced energy [...]

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Partnership Opportunities

Resources: Steps to Commercialization Sandia’s Technology Partnership website Partnerships for Business, Industry and Nonprofits Download the Partnerships Brochure  A non-exhaustive list of test opportunities are: Rotors and blades New rotor blades/reference testing Minimal time and cost is required to exchange rotor blades. Other SWiFT turbines can serve as reference turbines and/or provide upwind turbulence interaction [...]

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About the Facility

Test-Bed Wind Turbines Allow Facility Flexibility While Providing Reliable Data in Many Regimes SWiFT will initially consist of three research-scale wind turbines (modified Vestas V27s) with the first two turbines spaced three diameters apart, perpendicular to the oncoming wind, and the third turbine five diameters downwind. (The turbines form a 3-, 5-, and 6-rotor-diameter-length triangle.) The [...]

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Wind & Water Power Newsletter

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SWiFT Facility & Testing

Operations A significant percentage of wind energy is not effectively harvested in large wind farms because the turbines “shadow” each other and reduce the output of the turbines located in their wake. The wakes also produce increased turbulence and uneven loading on the shadowed turbines, increasing fatigue issues that eventually affect a wind [...]

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Offshore Wind RD&D: Large Offshore Rotor Development

For more information, please contact D. Todd Griffith. Sandia Blade and Turbine Design Models: Reports and Model Files Blade Models: Detailed Design Information (Blade Key: SNL[length(m)]-[version]) Blade Designation Blade Report Brief Description Design Scorecard Model Files Mini-report "SNL100-00" SAND2011-3779 (1.22MB PDF) Sandia 100m All-glass Baseline Blade SNL100-00 Design Scorecard (327KB PDF) SNL100-00 Model [...]

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Continuous Reliability Enhancement for Wind (CREW) Database and Analysis Program

2013 CREW Benchmark: These wind turbines actively generate power 83% of the time and are available to generate 97.6% of the time. To characterize wind turbine and wind plant reliability performance issues and identify opportunities for improving reliability and availability performance within the wind industry, the Continuous Reliability Enhancements for Wind (CREW) [...]

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