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On November 25, 2013, in

Technology Showcase Nominees Partnering with Sandia Research Facilities Current Projects Technology Showcase Nominees   2015 The First Cost-Effective Solution for CO2 Capture Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico are developing an ultra-thin, enzymatically active membrane that combines high CO2 permeability, high CO2 selectivity, and low fabrication costs, resulting in the first costeffective technology for CO2 separation and purification. View […]

Wind Energy Manufacturing Lab Helps Engineers Improve Wind Power

On November 15, 2011, in Energy, News, Partnership, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy

Researchers at the Wind Energy Manufacturing Laboratory—a joint effort of researchers from TPI Composites, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company that operates a turbine blade factory in Newton, and Sandia National Laboratories, and located at Iowa State University—used laser readings to calculate how dozens of the layers would fit and flow over the curves of a mold […]



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