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Sandia Report Offers Reliable Way to Evaluate Unintentional Islanding Risk

A recently released Sandia National Laboratories report, "Suggested Guidelines for Assessment of DG Unintentional Islanding Risk," outlines a procedure to help utility distribution engineers determine the risk of unintentional islanding in distributed energy generation installations. By providing a quick and reliable way to identify situations in which such risk is negligible, Sandia’s approach can help [...]

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RESOURCE: Interview with Nancy Brune, Sandia National Laboratories

Nancy Brune,  a Senior Policy analyst at Sandia National Laboratories and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, discusses security and sustainability with discusses security and sustainability with Ed Saltzberg, Managing Director of the Security and Sustainability Forum. Click here to listen to this audio track at the website for the [...]

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Energy Storage Components and Systems

Sandia’s transportation energy storage research programs apply scientific understanding of battery degradation mechanisms to develop technologies to improve battery performance, economics, and safety to enable widespread electrification of the nation’s transportation fleet. A demonstration Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) in New York City. Automobile and truck transportation accounts for 71% of U.S. [...]

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Battery Calorimetry Laboratory

One of four “workhorse” accelerating rate calorimeters. These systems run continuously to keep up with customer needs. Lithium-ion battery technology offers great benefits in portable power, but an essential challenge is to ensure operational safety. Current lithium-ion technologies are prone to thermal runaway reactions. In order for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid [...]

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Characterization and Failure Analysis

Sandia tests batteries to failure to determine the safety design margins. Publicity of Sandia tests often is focused on the strong reactions that occur when lithium-ion batteries release energy under abuse conditions without consideration of the significant improvements that have been realized in recent years. Our abuse testing provides a wealth of data [...]

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Cell Prototyping Facility

A lithium-ion cell winder used to manufacture 18650 cells that support the Battery Safety R&D program. Sandia has long maintained an energy storage prototyping and fabrication capability in support of its national security mission. As we have expanded our energy storage R&D into areas applicable to commercial applications, we have also adapted [...]

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Sandia Study Shows Large LNG Fires Hotter but Smaller Than Expected

New research shows that large-scale liquefied natural gas fires are hotter but smaller than anticipated, which means regulators can assume that a slightly smaller area would be at risk in the case of an LNG incident, an official from Sandia National Laboratory said Sunday at a meeting of the National Association of Regulatory [...]

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SCADA History

SCADA History The use of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and process control systems became popular in the 1960s as a need arose to more efficiently monitor and control the state of remote equipment. SCADA and process control systems had numerous applications including industrial and utility automation. Many early SCADA systems used mainframe [...]

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Standards and Industry Outreach/Partnerships

Sandia is proving security leadership in national and international SCADA standards initiatives. Sandia is also partnering with industry to address technology needs for SCADA security.For more information, visit: Standards and Initiatives Industry Outreach and Partnerships Industry Outreach Workshop 2008 How can Sandia help you? email us:

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National SCADA Testbed

Through early investment and vision, Sandia established a SCADA program and an associated SCADA Testbed. This program has grown into a joint laboratory effort with Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) sponsored by the DOE Office of Energy Assurance to form the National SCADA Test Bed (NSTB). In addition to the multi-disciplinary research and [...]

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