Energy and Climate

Fusion Energy


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Energy Security Climate Security Infrastructure Security Enabling Capabilities Energy Security Research Energy security research at Sandia seeks to address key challenges facing our nation and the world. We work with the energy industry to improve current hardware and develop the next generation of technologies to extract or produce energy. Renewable Energy Transportation Energy Fossil Energy […]

Biological and Environmental Research

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The Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program advances environmental and biomedical knowledge that promotes national security through improved energy production, development, and use; international scientific leadership that underpins the nation’s technological advances; and research that improves the quality of life for all Americans. In addition, BER develops and delivers the knowledge needed to support the […]

Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)

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ASCR supports world-class, high-performance computing and networking infrastructures as well as supporting fundamental research in mathematical and computational sciences to enable researchers in DOE scientific disciplines to analyze and predict complex phenomena for scientific discovery. ASCR’s programs have helped establish computation as a third pillar of science along with theory and physical experiments. Sandia has […]

Fusion Energy Sciences

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The Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) program is the national basic-research effort in advance plasma science, fusion science, and fusion technology—the knowledge base needed for an economically and environmentally attractive fusion energy source. As a major contributor to this effort, Sandia’s Fusion Technology Program studies the interactions of plasmas and materials, the behavior of materials exposed […]