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Jerry Simmons Is One of Three Researchers Named as Laboratory Fellows

Newly appointed Sandia Fellows Jerry Simmons (left), Ed Cole (center), and John Rowe gather outside Sandia's Joint Computational Engineering Laboratory. (Photo by Randy Montoya) This status is reserved for those who are nationally or internationally recognized pioneers in their fields. It is considered a promotion to the highest level of R&D staff, equivalent [...]

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Northrop-Grumman, GE Partnerships Tap a Wide Range of Sandia Labs Experience

Sandia has signed a pair of umbrella cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) with Northrop Grumman Information Systems and General Electric Global Research that will broadly add to the Labs’ research. “These strategic agreements envision long-term partner­ships,” said Brooke Garcia, a Sandia business development specialist who helped negotiate the CRADAs. The Northrop-Grumman CRADA includes research [...]

Stationary Power

Stationary Power Our work in stationary power includes the deployment of clean electricity, which requires integration with a modernized grid infrastructure, and enhancements in energy efficiency as a direct influence on energy productivity and economic competitiveness. Energy Conversion Efficiency High-efficiency conversion of low and  zero-carbon energy sources to electricity Grid [...]

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