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New Sandia Grid Modernization Program Newsletter Now Available

Sandia’s newest quarterly newsletter features research highlights, event information, staff recognition, and recent publications and patents related to modernizing our nation’s electricity infrastructure. Topics focus on the primary research areas of Sandia’s Grid Modernization Program and include the following: Energy storage technologies for large-scale adaption Integration of renewable energy sources into the grid Transmission planning [...]

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Key Activities Sandia’s research in solar photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) helps advance the mission of the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative to decrease total cost of solar energy systems by 75% by 2020 and make solar energy cost-competitive with other forms of electricity generation without subsidies. Sandia researchers address [...]

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CSP Resources

CSP FAQs CSP plants (dish engine, power towers, and parabolic trough systems) all operate the same way. They collect and concentrate the energy from the sun onto a solar receiver where the heat is absorbed and used to drive a heat-engine generator. Power towers and parabolic trough plants effectively replace the burning of coal [...]

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Areva Solar and Sandia Labs Join Forces for CLFR Molten-Salt Storage

Areva Solar is collaborating with Sandia National Laboratories on a new concentrated solar power (CSP) installation with thermal energy storage. The CSP storage project combines Areva’s modular Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar design with Sandia Labs’ proven molten-salt storage system. This will be the first CSP integration with Sandia Labs’ Molten-Salt Test Loop [...]

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Power Towers for Utilities

Desirable Features of Power Towers for Utilities Because of their practical energy storage, solar power towers have two features that are particularly desirable for utilities: flexible capacity factors and a high degree of dispatchability. Power towers can be designed with annual capacity factors up to 60 percent, and as high as 80 percent in summer [...]

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NASA’s Solar Tower Test of the 1-Meter Aeroshell

This test is part of a series in support of NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Technologies (ISPT) program. An aeroshell allows a spacecraft to use friction from a planet’s or moon’s atmosphere as a braking force—allowing the probe to carry less fuel (for braking rockets) and permitting that now-available space and mass to be used for mission-relevant [...]

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Cyber-Based Vulnerability Assessments

Digital Instrument and Control (I&C) is an integral part of the nuclear power industry in the United States. I&C systems monitor the safe, reliable and secure generation and delivery of electricity and could have potential cyber vulnerabilities. At Sandia National Laboratories, cyber-based vulnerability assessments are conducted on multiple I&C platforms deployed in the nuclear industry [...]

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Severe Accident Modeling

Supporting nuclear energy efforts by developing risk margins, creating risk assessments, sequencing nuclear reactor accident progression, and performing reactor consequence modeling. Severe Accident Modeling Fact Sheet MELCOR Fact Sheet MACCS Fact Sheet

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Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Evaluating the risk associated with operating a facility by evaluating the frequency of accident sequences and the consequences of potential accidents. Probabilistic Risk Assessment Fact Sheet Bayesian Networks: Decision Support for Complex Systems

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