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Sandia Report Offers Reliable Way to Evaluate Unintentional Islanding Risk

A recently released Sandia National Laboratories report, “Suggested Guidelines for Assessment of DG Unintentional Islanding Risk,” outlines a procedure to help utility distribution engineers determine the risk of unintentional islanding in distributed energy generation installations. By providing a quick and reliable way to identify situations in which such risk is negligible, Sandia’s approach can help […]

Photovoltaic Technology and Tour of PV Test Facilities

On February 12, 2013, in

The Photovoltaics and Distributed Systems Integration Department at Sandia National Laboratories is pleased to support and complement the Center for Public Utilities Current Issues Conference with two opportunities to learn more about photovoltaic (PV) technology and it’s operation in the grid, as well as a tour of PV test facilities. The first informational opportunity will […]

Distribution Grid Integration

On April 3, 2012, in

Sandia conducts its grid integration research in partnership with industry, academia, utilities, other national laboratories, research groups, and stakeholder groups. For a list of current collaborations, click here. Areas of focus for Sandia’s Grid Integration Program include: Operating prototyped PV systems and analyzing resulting data Modeling and analyzing short-term PV variability Developing PV system models […]

PV Facilities

On November 10, 2010, in

Photovoltaic System Evaluation Laboratory Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications Photovoltaic System Evaluation Laboratory (PSEL) PSEL fact sheet The Photovoltaic Systems Evaluation Laboratory (PSEL) provides expertise and test support within several facilities and outdoor sites for evaluating PV and other distributed energy hardware. It includes the following capabilities: PV systems evaluations and […]



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