Sandia Pilot Program to Assist Small Clean-Energy Companies

The DOE chose Sandia as one of five leads in a pilot that will give small, clean-energy companies access to national laboratory expertise and resources. Sandia will receive $2.75M of DOE’s $20M investment to launch the voucher pilot for small business assistance and collaborative research. “Our pilot, which we’ve named Tech Assist Green (TAG), unites […]

Navy/Marine Engineering Command Visits Sandia

Steven Chung, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest (NAVFAC SW),1 Dwight Deakin, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR),2 Melanie Anderson (NAVAIR PAX River), and David Weir, Marine Corps Installations–West (MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton)3 visited Sandia June 24–25 to discuss several renewable energy/related topics:

wind-turbine/radar interaction,
photovoltaics (PV), and
cybersecurity as it relates to renewable energy.

They also discussed potential collaboration with Sandia […]

Sandia Report Offers Reliable Way to Evaluate Unintentional Islanding Risk

A recently released Sandia National Laboratories report, “Suggested Guidelines for Assessment of DG Unintentional Islanding Risk,” outlines a procedure to help utility distribution engineers determine the risk of unintentional islanding in distributed energy generation installations. By providing a quick and reliable way to identify situations in which such risk is negligible, Sandia’s approach can help […]

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Distribution Grid Integration

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