Carbon Management

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Carbon Sequestration

A growing consensus exists among climate scientists, economists, and policy makers that the link between man-made emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and climate instability is sufficiently likely to motivate global actions. Energy use and energy generation are at the heart of the problem, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasting that global electricity generation will [...]

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Molecular Geochemistry

Research Geochemistry, mineralogy, and materials science specializing in application of chemical kinetics, mineral equilibria, molecular spectroscopy, and molecular simulation to complex multicomponent and multiphase systems; particular emphasis on the [...]

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Geomechanics Laboratory

Making predictions of rock mass response and fluid flow through rock masses requires quantitative models of the governing deformation and fracture processes. Building these models, and performing analytic and numerical design calculations from the models requires information about specific rock properties. The Geomechanics Laboratory enables you to measure rock properties under a wide range of [...]

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Sustainable Subsurface Energy Development

Sandia is a leader in subsurface science for the DOE, integrating investments from multiple federal programs and commercial industry partners focused on the both petroleum (oil and gas) and derivative benefits for geothermal energy and subsurface energy storage and waste disposal. We work in shale science, salt sciences, drilling technologies for difficult subsurface environments, [...]

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Climate & Earth Systems

Climate & Earth Systems A sustainable future requires understanding and ensuring that the Earth system supports both stationary and transportation energy systems while mitigating the impact these energy systems have on the Earth. Sandia is focused on three primary R&D areas that are aligned with the DOE’s emerging crosscutting program initiatives: Climate Measurement [...]

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