Sandia Wins Funding for Programming In Situ Data Analysis/Visualization

Sandia was recently awarded DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) funding to develop a framework for in situ data management, analysis, and visualization. Sandia’s approach provides a mechanism for specifying the structure and use of data, decouples code specification from optimization, and facilitates the expression of complex scientific workflows—thereby enabling scientists to develop high-performance, portable codes [...]

Sandia Participates in Office of Science’s National Science Bowl

The Department of Energy Office of Science’s National Science Bowl® (NSB) is a nationwide academic competition that tests middle and high school student teams’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics. The DOE created the National Science Bowl® in 1991 to encourage students to excel in mathematics and science and to pursue careers in [...]

Sandia’s Exascale Computing Effort Expected to Curtail Effects of System Faults

Bert Debuscherre speaks to Olivier Le Maître (French visiting professor at Duke University) and Paul Mycek (postdoc at Duke University, not shown in photo). Omar Knio (professor at Duke University, not show in photo) about their collaboration on fault tolerance in exascale computing. Computing power today is more potent than ever before. Or [...]

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Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)

ASCR supports world-class, high-performance computing and networking infrastructures as well as supporting fundamental research in mathematical and computational sciences to enable researchers in DOE scientific disciplines to analyze and predict complex phenomena for scientific discovery. ASCR's programs have helped establish computation as a third pillar of science along with theory and physical experiments. Sandia has [...]

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