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On November 25, 2013, in

Technology Showcase Nominees Partnering with Sandia Research Facilities Current Projects Technology Showcase Nominees   2014 Sandia Hand The Sandia Hand is an inexpensive, dexterous and modular manipulator. In the standard configuration, the hand consists of four fingers and 12 active degrees of freedom. The fingers are replaceable and re configurable allowing a variety of other […]

Sandia to Partner with MOgene Green Chemicals on ARPA-E REMOTE Project

On September 19th, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Deputy Director Cheryl Martin announced that 33 breakthrough energy projects will receive ~$66M from ARPA-E under two new programs that provide options for a more sustainable and secure American future. REMOTE (Reducing Emissions using Methanotrophic Organisms for Transportation Energy) provides $34M to find advanced biocatalyst technologies that […]

Sandia Participates in the ARPA-E 2012 Energy Innovation Summit

Sandia has more than a dozen scientists and managers attending and participating in the ARPA-E summit‘s sessions and events. A recent highlight was the on-stage discussion between Energy Secretary Stephen Chu and Bill Gates, who is now involved in several energy innovation ventures, on how America can meet and prosper from 21st century global energy […]