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2012-3432P [181kb pdf]
The Energy Storage Test Pad (ESTP) in conjunction with the Energy Storage Analysis Laboratory (ESAL) provides trusted, independent, third party testing and validation from the cell level up to 1+ MW AC electrical energy storage (EES) systems.

In addition to long-term testing, Sandia provides pre-certification, pre-installation, and verification of EES systems.

Our goal is to develop advanced energy storage technologies that will increase reliability, performance, and competitiveness of electricity generation and transmission.


ESAL Testing

Analysis of cells to pack size modules are carried out in the ESAL.

  • Cell level
  • Module
  • Pack level
  • Slots available at different power levels for concurrent testing
  • Reconfigurable command and control to simulate various use cases

Testing capabilities at Sandia National Laboratories Facility:

Battery and Cell Testers
Name V max I max Channels Aux V Aux T
Bitrode FTV 72V 1000A 2 32 Aux V (total) 32 Aux RTD (total)
Bitrode LCN 36V 100A 3 12 Aux V (per Ch) 2 Type K TC (per Ch)
Arbin 60V 500A 2 16 Aux V (total) 16 Type T (total)
Arbin BT2000 60V 200A 2 Testers
1 Channel
32 Aux V 32 Type K Tc
Bitrode LCN 36V 25A 5 18 Aux V (per Ch) 6 Type K TC (per Ch)
Arbin 16, 20A 10V
with 8, 60A 10V
10V 20 or 60A 24 0 24 Type K
Arbin SCTS 10V 10A 48 24 Aux V (total) 48 Type K TC (total)
Maccor 5V 15A 8 0 16 Type T (total)
Arbin 5V 3A 48 8 Aux V (total) 8 Type T (total)
Temperature Chambers
Name T Max T Min Size # Steps
T27s – 1.5A Tenny (‘Big’) 100 C -20 C D26″ x W37.5″ x H48″ (0.66m x 0.95m x 1.22m) 24
T10C – 1.5 2 ea. 200 C -73 C D26″ x W24″ x H28″ 256
BTC 200 -70 D19″ x W20.5″ x H22″ 256


ESTP Testing

  • Scalable from 1 KW to 1 MW, 480 VAC, 3 phase
  • Enables detailed independent analysis of system performance and safety
  • Integrated with Distributed Energy Technologies Lab (DETL) to analyze advanced inverter functionality up to 200kW
  • Grid simulation allows for precisely controlled changes in voltage, frequency, phase imbalance, and power quality
  • Analysis duration is flexible to accommodate customizable testing scope

Offsite Testing

  • Flexible capabilities, contact us for more information.