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Sandia releases 2nd edition of the U.S. WEC test site catalogue

Sandia has released the second edition of the Wave Energy Converter Test Site Catalogue characterizing wave energy resources to facilitate device deployments and testing. The catalogue presents metocean data at eight U.S. wave energy converter (WEC) [...]

Experimental testing of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) controls

U.S. Navy's Maneuvering and Seakeeping Basin (MASK) Sandia has begun experimental testing on wave energy converter (WEC) modeling and controls. The test program focuses on model validation and system identification to produce high-quality data for [...]

DTOcean 4th General Meeting, Madrid, Spain (10/27–29/2015)

Jesse Roberts and Jason Heath of Sandia National Laboratories attended the 4th General Meeting of Optimal Design Tools for Ocean Energy Arrays Project (DTOcean) in Madrid, Spain, October 27–29, 2015. This project is developing a [...]

Paper and Presentation at OCEANS2015

Carlos Michelen and Ryan Coe recently published results from research comparing various methods for producing short-term (i.e. sea-state specific) extreme response distributions. These methods are needed to statistically quantify the extreme response (e.g., tension in [...]