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Stationary Power

Our work in stationary power includes the deployment of clean electricity, which requires integration with a modernized grid infrastructure, and enhancements in energy efficiency as a direct influence on energy productivity and economic competitiveness.

Energy Conversion Efficiency

High-efficiency conversion of low and  zero-carbon energy sources to electricity

Grid Modernization

Safety, security, and resilience of energy infrastructure and assets

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

A dynamic, multifaceted approach to systems-based research and development of nuclear energy and fuel cycle technologies

Energy Conversion Efficiency

Increasing the amount of electricity produced from a given thermal energy input.
This is a major objective for multiple RE sources (e.g., geothermal, photovoltaics [PV], concentrating solar power [CSP], wind). Major advances in energy conversion efficiency also have the potential for significant impact in traditional thermal energy source (e.g., nuclear, natural gas, coal) conversion to electricity.

Grid Modernization

Enabling a Resilient and Secure Electric Grid
Sandia envisions a world of interdependent and variable distributed systems that are optimized at multiple scales – including transmission – to maximize local resources in providing secure, resilient, and clean energy to all users at all times.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Enabling Energy Security through the Nuclear Enterprise
Sandia supports the safe, secure, reliable, and sustainable use of nuclear power worldwide through strengths in repository science, nonproliferation, safety and security, transportation, modeling, and system demonstrations
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New Webinar Series Highlights Role of Energy Storage in Future Electric Power Sector

In partnership with Strategen Consulting, Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program will host four webinars that will bring together top thought leaders to discuss a wide [...]

Upcoming Webinar: One Year In – Energy Storage Proves its Worth in Sterling, MA, March 7, 1-2 p.m. ET

Join experts from Sandia, U.S. DOE-OE, and the Sterling Municipal Light Department for a webinar hosted by Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) on March 7 from 1-2p.m. ET. The webinar will show how the Sterling [...]

  • FIGURE : TIM 3D field visualization and navigator currently displaying glare field above tower.

Tower Illuminance Model Investigates Glare and Avian-Flux Hazards at CSP Towers

Solar glare reflections and avian solar-flux hazards are an important concern for concentrating solar installations. Reflected sunlight from “standby” heliostats has been noted by pilots as potentially hazardous, and reports of birds being singed by [...]

Sandia Evaluates Control Algorithms for Energy Storage Systems

  Grid-scale batteries become more popular every day as the world looks to renewable energy sources and the need grows to store and use them on demand. However, utility companies need to know the best way [...]

DOE’s Grid Modernization Peer Review Report Now Available

The Department of Energy’s Grid Modernization Initiative has published a report summarizing findings from the first annual peer review in April 2017. The report reviews 30 of the 87 publicly funded projects in the [...]