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SSLS Exhibit at Explora Museum

EFRC scientist Jeff Tsao, in conjunction with Sandian Erik Spoerke and UNM scientist Patrick Johnson, volunteered at Explora Museum over the weekend. The three scientists participated in a program event hosted by Explora called Portal to the Public, whose goal is to, “Engage in experiential activities with scientists that are your neighbors in the c0mmunity.” […]

George Wang’s Invited Talk at 2013 tSSL

George Wang, a senior investigator in solid-state lighting science, was invited to speak at the 7th Taiwan Solid-State Lighting (2013 tSSL). The conference was held on March 26th-27th in Taipei, Taiwan. The purpose of tSSL is “to bring together scientists and engineers actively engaged in research, development, and manufacturing on all aspects of Solid State […]

BES Web Highlight: Single-mode gallium nitride nanowire lasers

On January 28, 2013, in EC, Energy Efficiency, Solid-State Lighting

A new top-down method for fabricating gallium nitride (GaN) nanowires with precisely controlled geometries enables single-mode, rather than typically-observed multi-mode, lasing behavior. Single-mode lasing arises from strong mode competition induced by careful restriction of the nanowire dimensions. This research was published by Sandia National Laboratories and is featured in a BES EFRC newsletter that highlights the […]

“Solid-state Lighting: ‘The case’ 10 Years After and Future Prospects” paper will be translated in Chinese

In 2011, ERFC scientist Jeff Tsao, in conjunction with Roland Haitz and Taiming Zhou, published an SSLS paper titled, “Solid-state Lighting: ‘The Case’ 10 Years After and Future Prospects”. The paper critiques a previously released white paper titled, “The Case for a National Research Program on Semiconductor Lighting” while providing new predictions for the next […]

Manos Kioupakis visits Sandia and gives an SSL Special Seminar

Professor Emmanouil (Manos) Kioupakis, from the University of Michigan, visited Sandia for technical discussions and to give a seminar on “Auger Recombination in Nitride Light-Emitting Diodes from First Principles Calculations.” Professor Kioupakis just finished a post-doc with Professor Chris van de Walle at UC Santa Barbara, and has been doing first-principles calculations of Auger recombination […]

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