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The following are a list of SCADA and related reports. 2010 Moses D. Schwartz, John Mulder, Jason Trent, William D. Atkins, Control System Devices: Architectures and Supply Channels Overview Tech. Rep. SAND2010-5183, Sandia National Laboratories, August 2010. 2009 Adrian R. Chavez, Position Paper: Protecting Process Control Systems against Lifecycle Attacks Using Trust Anchors Sandia National […]

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Recent Publications, Listed by Date. Click on publication title to view, right click to download. All files are in PDF format (download Adobe Reader). 2014 Papers and Presentations Clustering Method and Representative Feeder Selection for the California Solar Initiative, Authors: Robert J. Broderick, Joseph R. Williams, Karina Munoz-Ramos(SAND2014-1443, 1.41MB) Experimental Comparison of PV-Smoothing Controllers using […]

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