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Mechanical Testing

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Mechanical Testing Overview  ASTM standard (E8) used for tension testing guidance, with tests in constant displacement mode 2 tests were performed, room temperature and at 650°C Post mortem metallography was performed on both samples Room Temperature Tensile Test  Room Temperature Metallography Voids were observed in bond lines away from fracture surface. Unclear if voids were […]

Diffusion Bonding Characterization

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Diffusion Bond Characterization  Research Goal:  Diffusion bond strength, defects, and corrosion behavior must be understood before they can be reliably used in reactor systems.              Diffusion Bond Process Plates were chemically cleaned and electroplated with nickel to prevent surface oxidation which would impair bonding process Actual process variables are proprietary […]

Heat Exchanger Development

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Planned Heat Exchanger Test Loop Capabilities 500 kW Heaters (Elec.) 500 kW Gas Cooler Unbalanced flows Dedicated system accepts novel mixtures and additives Facility Goal: Provide testing capability for 1 MW-scale commercial and prototype heat exchangers used at any position in current and future Brayton layouts Path Forward to Commercialization What we are going to […]

Radiation Effects Sciences

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At the core of Sandia National Laboratories nuclear weapons mission is the reliability and survivability of a variety of system components and materials in radiation environments. In support of that mission, Sandia has established unique capabilities for generating a wide range of radiation, from the pulsed, high energy X-rays of HERMES-III to the mixed neutron-gamma […]

Nuclear Energy Systems Laboratory (NESL) / Transient Nuclear Fuels Testing

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Sandia National Laboratories is home to the United States’ only operational pulsed nuclear reactor capable of a comprehensive range of transient nuclear fuels testing. The Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR) was specially designed to provide high power pulses (up to 300-MJ) in very short amounts of time (6-millisecond pulse-width), which allows the ACRR to compete […]

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