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Wind Energy

Sandia Vertical-Axis Wind-Turbine Research Presented at Science of Making Torque from Wind Conference

In June, Brian Owens (in Sandia’s Analytical Structural Dynamics Dept.) and Todd Griffith (in Sandia’s Water Power Technologies Dept.) traveled to DTU Lyngby (Technical University of Denmark: Copenhagen, Denmark) to present Sandia research on deep-water multiple-megawatt vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs). High tip-speed ratios, low frequency structural vibration modes, and flexible blades of multiple-megawatt VAWTs can […]

Wind Generator Modeling

Sandia finalized and submitted the updated “WECC Wind Power Plant Dynamic Model­ing Guide” and the “WECC PV Power Plant Dynamic Modeling Guide” to the Technical Studies Subcommittee at the Western Elec­tricity Coordinating Council (WECC). These dynamic modeling guides present the second-generation generic models as speci­fied in the January 23, 2014 WECC report. The WECC generic […]

Sandia Contributes to International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 61400-26 Availability Standard

The U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program and Sandia have been working with the International Elec­trotechnical Commission (IEC) Committee on Wind Turbine Availability to develop three specifications for IEC-61400-26―the standard that addresses wind turbine and wind-plant availability. The first specification is on the definitions of operating states and availability conditions and was published in 2011. […]

Wind-Turbine Blade Materials and Reliability Progress

Sandia recently produced the final set of inspection panels to be used to evaluate nondestructive inspection (NDI) tools as part of the Blade Reliability Collaborative. This is the final step in a multiple-year task to investigate wind-blade inspection methods. For the first time in the study, flaws will not be known by the inspection technicians—allowing […]

Wake-Imaging System Progresses to Outdoor Scaled Test

The wind-turbine wake-imaging system being developed at Sandia, a novel system capable of measuring the velocity of 3D coherent wake structures (e.g., tip vortices) over relevant time scales, will be deployed at an outdoor scaled facility as a final risk-reduction experiment. The data collected will improve the physical understanding and modeling of wind-turbine wake impacts on […]

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