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CRF Article Chosen by The Journal of Chemical Physics to Commemorate 80th Anniversary

A 2012 article by CRF researchers David Chandler (in Sandia’s Transportation Energy Center) and the late Kevin Strecker, “Dual-etalon frequency-comb cavity ringdown spectrometer,” was chosen by The Journal of Chemical Physics as one of 80 articles to highlight the 80 years of outstanding work published in the journal. “I am honored that this paper was […]

Sandia Maps Multiple Paths to Cleaner, Low-Temp Diesels

A few years ago, the automotive and engine industries presented researchers at Sandia National Laboratories with a mystery. Notably, the companies did so separately, each approaching their national-lab research partners at the Combustion Research Facility (CRF) in Livermore, California, with in-house lab engine test results that none of their highly experienced experts had yet encountered. […]

Optimizing Engines for Alternative Fuels

At Sandia’s Alternative Fuels Direct-Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) Engine Lab, Combustion Research Facility researchers Magnus Sjöberg and Wei Zeng, together with Dave Reuss at the University of Michigan, are developing the fundamental understanding needed by industry to design and optimize engines for alternative fuels. The current focus is on flex-fuel engines that can run on […]

Low-­Temperature Combustion Enables Cleaner, More Efficient Engines

  Combustion Research Facility lead author, Mark Musculus, along with Sandia researchers Paul Miles and Lyle Pickett, through their latest research paper, “Conceptual models for partially premixed low-temperature diesel combustion,” in Progress in Energy and Combustion Science hope to communicate the details of how LTC works to the broader engine research community. This research and […]

CRF Researchers Received “Best Paper” Award for Paper Presented at American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME) 2012 Internal Combustion Engine Division (ICED) Conference

Dipankar Sahoo (Engine Combustion Dept.), Ben Petersen (formerly with the Engine Combustion Dept., now with Ford Motor Co.), and Paul Miles (Engine Combustion Dept.) received the ASME-ICED best paper award for “The impact of swirl ratio and injection pressure on fuel-air mixing in a light-duty diesel engine.” This award recognizes the best technical contribution from all […]

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