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Sandia Researcher Stephanie Hansen Wins DOE Early Career Research Award

A $2.5M, five-year Early Career Research Program award from the DOE Office of Science has been won by researcher Stephanie Hansen (in Sandia’s ICF Target Design Dept.) for her fundamental science proposal, “Non-equilibrium atomic physics in high energy density material,” an approach to improve simulation tools used to design high-energy experiments in dense, hot plasmas, […]

Fusion Instabilities Lessened by Unexpected Effect

In recent Z Machine experiments, two Helmholz coils unexpectedly altered and slowed the growth of the magneto Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) instabilities, a plasma distortion that usually spins quickly out of control and has sunk past efforts to achieve controlled fusion. Radiographs of the process showed that the Helmholz coils’ field altered and slowed magneto-RT instability growth, […]

Two Sandians Named as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellows

On January 1st, two Sandians, Mike Cuneo (Pulsed Power Accelerator S&T Group) and Igal Brener (Applied Photonic Microsystems), were elected Fellows of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Mike was selected for “developments in inertial confinement fusion with magnetically driven implosions and electrode cleaning.” The number of Fellows chosen annually is restricted to […]

Computer Power Clicks with Geochemistry

On March 13, 2014, in Energy, News, News & Events, Nuclear Energy

Sandia is developing computer models that show how radioactive waste interacts with soil and sediments, shedding light on waste disposal and how to keep contamination away from drinking water. “Very little is known about the fundamental chemistry and whether contaminants will stay in soil or rock or be pulled off those materials and get into […]

Yifeng Wang Selected Asian-American Engineer of the Year

Yifeng Wang (Radiological Consequence Management and Response Technologies Dept.) has been selected by the Chinese Institute of Engineers–USA to receive the Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) award for 2014. The award annually recognizes “American individuals of Asian descent who have made exceptional contributions to the field of Engineering, Science, and/or as a Corporate […]

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