Recent Publications

2019, Ho, C. K., J. M. Christian, J. E. Yellowhair, K. M. Armijo, W. J. Kolb, S. Jeter, M. Golob, and C. Nguyen, “On-Sun Performance Evaluation of Alternative High-Temperature Falling Particle Receiver Designs,” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 141, no. 1 (2019): 011009.
2019, Albrecht, J., and C. K. Ho, “Design and operating considerations for a shell-and-plate, moving packed-bed, particle-to-sCO2 heat exchanger,” Solar Energy 178, (2019): 331-340.
2019, Ambrosini, A., A. Boubault, C. K. Ho, L. Bahn, and J. R. Lewis, “Influence of Application Parameters on Stability of Pyromark® 2500 Receiver Coatings,” Energy Procedia (2019).
2019, Miller, J. E., S. M. Babiniec, and A. Ambrosini, “Renewable hydrogen production via thermochemical/ electrochemical coupling,” J SOL ENERG T ASME (2019).
2018, Albrecht, K. J., and C. K. Ho, “Heat Transfer Models of Moving Packed-Bed Particle-to-SCO2 Heat Exchangers.” ASME 2017 11th International Conference on Energy Sustainability (2018):V001T05A006,
2018, Armijo, K. M., J. Yellowhair, J. D. Ortega, and J. Clair, “Dynamic Load Mechanical Modelling of a 10 MW Tensile Ganged Heliostat Prototype,”
2018, Albrecht, J., G. S. Jackson, R. J. Braun, “Evaluating thermodynamic performance limits of thermochemical energy storage subsystems using reactive perovskite oxide particles for concentrating solar power,” Solar Energy 167, (2018): 179-193.
2018, Brown, A., J. Engerer, A. Ricks, and J. Christian, “Ignition from High Heat Flux for Flat Versus Complex Geometry.” 9th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2018.
2017, Armijo, K. M., J. D. Ortega, A. Moya, J. Christian, G. Peacock, C. Andraka, J. Yellowhair, and J. Clair, “Mechanical and modal phenomena of a ganged heliostat.” ICOPE16, ASME Power & Energy Conference & Exhibition, Charlotte, NC.
2017, Albrecht, J., and C. K. Ho, “High-Temperature Flow Testing and Heat Transfer for a Moving Packed-Bed Particle/sCO2 Heat Exchanger.” SolarPACES 2017, Santiago, Chile, 2017.
2017, Boubault, A., J. Yellowhair, and C. K. Ho, “Design and Characterization of a 7.2 kW Solar Simulator,” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 139, no. 3 (2017): 031012.
2017, Hsu, L., M. Dupré, A. Ndao, J. Yellowhair, and B. Kanté, “Local phase method for designing and optimizing metasurface devices,” Optics Express 25, no. 21 (2017): 24974-24982.
2017, Yue, L., L. Reich, T. Simon, R. Bader, and W. Lipiński. “Progress in thermal transport modeling of carbonate-based reacting systems.” International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 27, no. 5 (2017): 1098−1107,
2017, Schieber, G. L., E. B. Stechel, A. Ambrosini, J. E. Miller, and P. G. Loutzenhiser, “H2O splitting via a two-step solar thermoelectrolytic cycle based on non-stoichiometric ceria redox reactions: Thermodynamic analysis,” Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42, no. 30 (2017): 18785-18793.
2017, Boubault, A., C. K. Ho, A. Hall, T. N. Lambert, A. Ambrosini, “Durability of solar absorber coatings and their cost-effectiveness,” Energ. Mat. Sol. C 166, (2017): 176-184.


2018, Armijo, K. M., R. K. Harrison, and J. E. Yellowhair. Modular Low-Cost Trackerless Spectral Sensor. Non-Provisional US Patent 15/834,964.
2017, Spoerke, E .D., M. E. Gordon, E. Schindelholz, K. M. Armijo, N. R. Sorensen, A. Martino and J. Grunlan. Nanocomposite Barrier Films for Photovoltaic Applications. Non-Provisional US Patent Application 15603877.
2015, Armijo, K. M., C. K. Ho, R. Anderson, S. Babinec, and M. Mazumder. Magnetic Field Falling Particle Solar Receiver Systems and Methods. Non-Provisional US Patent 62154922.

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