Tribal Energy Security

Indigenous experts enabling energy security on tribal lands

Enabling clean, reliable, and affordable energy on tribal lands is the primary mission of Sandia’s Tribal Energy Security Program. As energy solutions such as renewable and distributed energy sources are becoming more cross-cutting and digitally integrated, it is important to consider the entire energy ecosystem. Our group of indigenous subject matter experts specialize in a wide array of topics across Sandia—from renewable energy technologies like solar and energy storage to nuclear power and cyber security—we have the ability to comprehensively examine many innovative energy solutions.

For over 25 years, Sandia’s tribal technical assistance has enabled participating tribes to realize their unique energy vision. The first step in partnering with tribal nations is properly understanding the underlying issues. Sandia’s Tribal Energy Security Team takes pride in visiting and listening to the concerns and ideas of each tribal community. This ultimately leads to a better energy solution aligned with each community’s ultimate energy goals. Once the goals are thoroughly understood, the team partners with local experts to achieve the best possible energy solution. Working under this structure, Sandia has been able to provide creative and forward-thinking solutions.   

The Tribal Energy Security Program also offers two internship opportunities aimed at fostering the next generation of leaders in Indian energy: The Department of Energy’s Indian Energy (DOE IE) internship and the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Minority Serving Institute Partnership Program for Tribal Colleges and Universities (MSIPP TCU). The Indian Energy internship is open to graduate and undergraduate students who wish to create innovative energy solutions for tribal communities. The MSIPP TCU internship is open to students who are attending or recently graduated from a tribal college or university and pairs them with a research group in line with each student’s interest. Both internships work closely with Sandia’s American Indian Outreach Committee to provide resources and a network of Native American professionals.


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Stan Atcitty
Energy Storage Technical Assistance
MSIPP TCU Internship Contact
(505) 284-2701

Sandra Begay
Renewable Energy Technical Assistance and Sandia
DOE IE Internship Contact
(505) 844-5418

Laurence Brown
Government Relations Contact
(505) 284-4012

Dylan Moriarty
Cyber Security Contact
(505) 844-2795

Danielle Redhouse
Nuclear Energy Contact
(505) 844-6062