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Amanda Wachtel

Principal Member of Technical Staff

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Amanda Wachtel / 505-844-1962


Amanda Wachtel is a principal member of technical staff in the Mathematical Analysis and Decision Sciences Department at Sandia National Laboratories. Her primary research areas include resilience, system-of-systems modeling and simulation, and developing analytical capabilities for DoD, DOE, defense energy, and community applications. She developed the initial prototype of the Resilient Node Cluster Analysis Tool (ReNCAT) to assess critical infrastructure within cities and find concentrated areas of resources capable of providing services during grid outages, and continues to lead analysis efforts in this area. ReNCAT has been used to help areas such as New Orleans and Puerto Rico identify potential locations for microgrids and backup generation to increase resilience. Amanda was awarded Sandia’s Up and Coming Innovator award in 2017 and is passionate about advancing capabilities to help communities and organizations understand and increase resilience. She has been a leader in Sandia’s energy and infrastructure resilience framework and in tailoring that framework for specific applications.


    Masters of Science in Computation for Design and Optimization, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 2013
    Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, The University of Alabama – 2010

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Key Publications


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