Webinar Series to Explore Water’s Role in a Carbon Neutral Future

March 30, 2022 8:00 am Published by

What is water’s role in a carbon neutral future? Sandia invites you to learn more about the broader water security challenges related to carbon neutral efforts in a series of webinars, April 4–6.

While greenhouse gas emissions are often at the center of discussions around carbon neutrality, water is an important resource both affected by climate change and poised to have a major part in addressing the climate challenge. This webinar series focuses on three of the areas in which water will play a key role: energy, industrial decarbonization, and carbon management.

Each webinar will begin with opening remarks followed by three presentations related to the topical area and a moderated discussion. The presentations will feature experts from Sandia, other national laboratories, federal agencies, and academia. 

The full agenda for each webinar is available here.

Ryan Davis, a biophysical chemist at Sandia, is presenting as part of the webinar session focused on water and energy. He will be discussing how cultivating algae for biofuels could also create useful byproducts, capture carbon dioxide, and help clean up water supplies.

“Algae production is a great example of how energy and water intersect,” said Davis. “Our research at Sandia suggests that coupling production of algae-based biofuels and other biobased products with water resource management provides a cost-effective and potentially carbon negative path for algae industry scale-up.” 

Register now to attend the webinars and learn about various water security challenges⁠—and opportunities⁠—related to decarbonization efforts.

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