Sandia’s Wind Energy Program releases its FY23 Accomplishments Report

April 3, 2024 9:43 am Published by

Sandia National Laboratories’ Wind Energy program has released its Sandia Wind Energy Program FY23 Accomplishments Report. The portfolio consists of projects funded by the DOE EERE Wind Energy Technologies Office, DOE Technology Commercialization Fund, Sandia Strategic Partnerships Projects, and the Sandia Laboratory Directed Research and Development program. 

   The Wind Energy program currently structures research in five Capability Thrust Areas and three Enabling Capability and Application Cross-Cuts. The current program strategy, developed in 2019, includes: 

  • Rotor Innovations and Operations  
  • Offshore Design Optimization  
  • Wind Plant Data Science and Artificial Intelligence  
  • Grid Integration and Power Systems  
  • Solutions to National Security Technology Barriers 

  Enabling Capacity and Application “Cross-Cuts” include:  

  1. Control and Sensors  
  1. Plant Experimentation  
  1. Advanced Modeling.   

The accomplishments were made possible through capabilities investments by WETO, internal Sandia investment, and partnerships between Sandia and other national laboratories, universities and research institutions around the world. 

 Sandia’s Wind Energy program consists of the Wind Energy Design and Experimentation and the Wind Energy Computational Sciences departments. The departments include core staff members, who lead and support research and development, as well other department staff that support the program by leveraging Sandia’s unique capabilities in other disciplines.  

Read the complete Sandia Wind Energy Program FY23 Accomplishments Report.   

Learn more about Sandia’s Wind Energy program.  

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