Carsten Westergaard


Carsten Westergaard, PhD

Senior Advisor


Dr. Carsten H. Westergaard is a senior advisor (contractor) to Sandia National Laboratories who has 25 years of industrial experience in wind energy research and product development. In his career, he has participated in numerous innovative projects building and testing small and large utility-scale wind turbines with companies such as LM Wind Power, Vestas Wind Systems, Gaia Wind, and FloDesign. As a consultant, he has worked with many other companies, OEMs as well as owners and operators. During his tenure as Professor of Practice at Texas Tech University, he taught wind energy technology courses at the graduate level. While at Texas Tech University, he also invented a novel motionless wind and water turbine concept. He has served in numerous advisory board positions and chaired international reviews of large, multi-year government research programs in several countries.

Dr. Westergaard earned his PhD from the Danish Technical University with a thesis on optical computing and laser-based turbulent flow measurements. He has more than 100 publications and 30 patents/pending. His research interests are aero-elasticity, wind turbine performance and reliability, and wind farm aerodynamics. While at Sandia he has played an integral role in developing the SWiFT scaled wind farm research program. He is currently a visiting scholar at Purdue University.