Laura A. Achola


Laura A. Achola

Postdoctoral Appointee


Laura Achola is currently a postdoctoral appointee in the Concentrating Solar Technologies Program at Sandia National Laboratories. Her work involves the research and development of materials for renewable energy applications with expertise in materials synthesis, characterization and application. She supports projects in the topics of solar thermochemical H2O splitting for renewable hydrogen and fuel production. She has over 20 peer reviewed publications.


  • Bachelor of Science, Industrial Chemistry, University of Nairobi, August 2014
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry, University of Connecticut, May 2020

Research Interests & Responsibilities

  • Materials for CSP
  • Solar-thermal chemistry
  • hermochemical energy storage


  • Achola, L. A., A. Ghebrehiwet, J. Macharia, P. Kerns, J. He, J. Fee, C. Tinson, J. Shi, S. March, M. Jain, and S. L. Suib. “Enhanced visible-light-assisted peroxymonosulfate activation on cobalt-doped mesoporous iron oxide for orange II degradation,” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 263 (2020): 118332.
  • Dutta, B., L. A. Achola, R. Clarke, V. Sharma, J. He, P. Kerns, and S. L. Suib. “Photocatalytic Transformation of Amines to Imines by Meso‐Porous Copper Sulfides,” ChemCatChem, 11 no. 17, (2019): 4262-4265.
  • Dissanayake, D., L. A. Achola, P. Kerns, D. Rathnayake, J. He, J. Macharia, and S. L. Suib. “Aerobic oxidative coupling of amines to imines by mesoporous copper aluminum mixed metal oxides via generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS),” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 249 (2019): 32-41.