Dimitri Madden


Dimitri Madden

R&D Undergraduate


Dimitri started at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility as an NSF-funded intern during the summer of 2018, before coming on board as a year-round undergraduate intern in November 2018. Dimitri is studying mechanical engineering and has utilized his engineering skills to work on safety analyses, NMSBA studies, and assist staff in various projects on-site.


    Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico, August 2015-Current.

Research Interests

    Biomedical Engineering
    Renewable Energy
    Thermodynamic Systems and Analysis


  • Madden, D., K. M. Armijo, L. Garcia-Maldonado, and J. Zeng, Analysis and Experiment of Management Sciences, Inc.’s Arc-Fault Connector Self-Extinguishing Mechanisms, (Sandia National Laboratories, SAND2018-12524, 2018).
  • K. M. Armijo, J. D. Ortega, S. B. Rodriguez, J. N. Kruichak, D. Reinholtz, H. Yoon, D. Madden, A. Cook and D. Smidt, Advanced Turbulence Nitrogen Dosing Device for Beverages, (Sandia National Laboratories, SAND2019-0766).