Adam Maraschky


Adam Maraschky

Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information

Adam Maraschky / (505) 844-9030


Adam Maraschky is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Nanoscale Sciences Department at Sandia National Laboratories. He joined Sandia after completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. His doctoral studies focused on metal anodes, specifically fundamental studies of dendrite formation on lithium. At Sandia, he is working on sodium and lithium battery technologies for grid scale energy storage.

Research Interests

Materials for electrochemical energy storage

Electrochemical characterization, including impedance spectroscopy

Mathematical modeling and simulation

Mass transport problems in electrochemistry

Engineering surfaces and interfaces


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), 2020

B.A. in Liberal Arts, St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD), 2013

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Adam Maraschky