Sandia Climate Community

Sandia’s Climate Community is a growing community of researchers and professionals who share a passion for using their knowledge and skills to address climate change is key to Sandia’s climate efforts. Our Climate Community Series highlights the diverse range of climate research and actions being taken by Sandians. Click on each name below to learn more about the climate-related challenges each Sandian is excited to work on.

Researchers are looking at a solar panel.

“If we want to be successful with developing climate solutions, we need to start by helping those who are most vulnerable.”

Thushara Gunda, systems research analyst

Lynn Yang kayaking with her two children

“My vision for a climate-secure world is one in which climate change and environmental considerations are measured and incorporated into the economics that drive our choices, policies and systems.”

Lynn Yang, systems analysis group manager

A person looking at a wall of permafrost next to the ocean

“Climate change touches just about every single aspect of life, and so finding the aspect that is important to any person is possible.”

Diana Bull, atmospheric scientist

Andrew Knight smiling with a child in a backpack carrier in a snowy forest

“As Sandians, we must try to do our part to minimize our impact and we must push other Sandians — and Sandia as a lab — to continue to make changes to be more conscious of our impact.”

Andrew Knight, chemist