Sandia Climate Community

A growing community of researchers and professionals who share a passion for using their knowledge and skills to address climate change is key to Sandia’s climate efforts. Our Climate Community Series highlights the diverse range of climate research and actions being taken by Sandians. Click on each name below to learn more about the climate-related challenges each Sandian is excited to work on.

Diana Bull, atmospheric scientists, looking at Arctic permafrost

“Climate change touches just about every single aspect of life, and so finding the aspect that is important to any person is possible.”

Diana Bull, atmospheric scientist

Evan Bush, mechanical engineer, explores using concentrating solar power-generated heat to produce ammonia.

“If you can integrate ideas from your prior technical experience, improve how we communicate with one another or have an experience which can help encourage buy-in from others, you’ll be making a difference.”

Evan Bush, mechanical engineer

BASE CAMP BOUND — Sandia soil scientist Umakant Mishra starts his hike to the base camp of Mount Everest.

“Studying the terrestrial carbon cycle is what I will be doing probably my whole life. This is the area where I contribute.”

Umakant Mishra, soil scientist

Robin Jones, building systems engineer, is part of the Sandia Climate Community.

I really like not wasting, and I think that comes down to a fundamental thing about my personality.

Robin Jones, building systems engineer