Clean Energy & Processes

Sandia is accelerating the research and development of carbon capture and sequestration applications, clean energy technologies and industrial processes to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enable for the transition to a sustainable, secure, and prosperous future. This work draws on foundational capabilities in bioscience, computing and information science, high reliability engineering, materials science, and modeling and simulation.

Focus Areas

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Sandia develops and demonstrates new technologies to capture utilize and store carbon as well as identifies and models the impacts, risks, and benefits of different carbon capture, utilization, and storage approaches and to advance technological capabilities. Sandia’s broad research foundations allow for a unique approach to this work that combines geosciences, materials science, and biosciences systems knowledge.

PRODUCTION PROCESS — Evan Bush, left, and Andrea Ambrosini explore using concentrating solar power-generated heat to produce ammonia. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

Industrial Decarbonization

We apply our extensive capabilities in solar thermal energy, materials science, and systems engineering to decarbonize industrial processes. Sandia is drawing on those capabilities to research, develop, and demonstrate carbon-free feedstocks and heat sources, energy efficient formulations, and carbon-sinking methods that can significantly reduce lifecycle carbon emissions in the production of cement and chemicals.

Low-carbon Fuels & Energy Carriers

Sandia is working to produce, deliver, store, and use hydrogen at a national scale through technologies like solar thermochemical hydrogen production and geologic storage. This research builds on the scientific foundations of materials compatibility, safety basis, and risk assessment. Sandia is also developing biofuel components for sustainable aviation fuel and developing technologies to reduce climate-forcing aviation emissions.

Rapid Innovation in Renewable Energy

Building on a robust set of capabilities in renewable energy technologies, Sandia is accelerating the development and commercialization of particle-based concentrating solar thermal systems with long-duration energy storage and advanced power cycles, and its application to high-temperature industrial processes. Our teams are also developing vertical-axis wind turbine technologies for offshore applications and advancing manufacturing of perovskite PV module technologies.