Yuliya tests batteries in her lab to understand how their performance degrades under different conditions.

Women@Energy features Sandia’s Dr. Yuliya Preger

August 17, 2021 8:55 am Published by

This month, the Department of Energy’s STEM Rising initiative features a Q&A with Sandia National Laboratories’ Dr. Yuliya Preger.

Dr. Yuliya Preger is a Senior Research and Development Chemical Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories in the Energy Storage Technology and Systems Group. Since joining Sandia in 2018, she has led research in Lithium ion (Li-on) battery safety and reliability, including long-term cycling of commercial batteries to understand what conditions enhance degradation and abuse testing to understand how battery aging influences safety. Yuliya also partners with power electronics engineers to develop better ways of managing batteries, including a patent-pending method for mitigating thermal runaway, and with power systems engineers to incorporate battery data into technoeconomic analysis of energy storage.

Yuliya is passionate about open sourcing battery data and software tools to aid energy storage analysis and cut down the development time for new technologies. One outcome of this interest is batteryarchive.org – the first public repository for easy visualization and comparison of battery degradation data across institutions. In the few months since launch, the site has been used by individuals across academia, industry, and utilities to understand how lithium ion batteries perform in different conditions and to save money in their own testing. Yuliya has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT.  

Read the complete Q&A and view more inspiring stories by women working in #STEM at Sandia National Laboratories and throughout the Department of Energy on the STEM Rising website.

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