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Industry, universities and nonprofits are invited to join cooperative research addressing technical barriers for hydrogen blending in natural gas pipelines

April 25, 2024 8:00 am Published by

Phase two of the Pipeline Blending Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) — A HyBlendTM Project — is open and seeking qualified partners from industry, academia and nonprofits to join and support the goals of this effort. Among other benefits, partners receive access to national lab expertise and data generated by the labs for the cooperative effort.

The HyBlend initiative aims to address technical barriers to blending hydrogen in natural gas pipelines to help meet U.S. decarbonization goals.

Please reach out to HyBlend_CRADA@nrel.gov for more information.

Key aspects of the phase one CRADA included materials compatibility R&D at Sandia National Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, techno-economic analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and environmental life cycle analysis at Argonne National Laboratory that informed the development of publicly accessible tools for characterizing the opportunities, costs, and risks of blending.

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