GridPV Toolbox Version 2 Now Available

February 6, 2016 12:31 am Published by

The GridPV toolbox, co-developed by Georgia Institute of Technology and Sandia National Laboratories, models and simulates the integration of the distributed, or local, power generation into the electric power system. Simulations with this tool can be used to evaluate the impact of solar energy on the distribution system.

GridPV Toolbox is a fully-documented set of Matlab functions that can be used to build distribution grid performance models using the open source distribution modeling tool OpenDSS. The GridPV functions are useful for interfacing OpenDSS and Matlab to perform sophisticated analyses and graphically representing information from simulations. A set of functions is also included for modeling PV plant output in the OpenDSS simulation. The toolbox contains functions for overlaying  distribution feeders on satellite images using GPS coordinates.

GridPV version 2 was recently upgraded to include the following new features:

  • Updated MATLAB help menus for GridPV and a new user manual, including 20 new pages of documentation
  • Updated to use new OpenDSS System object
  • Uses the newest Sandia Wavelet Variability Model (WVM) for PV modeling
  • 25 new plotting features and functions

The documentation and toolbox are available for public download.