DOE selects two companies to work with Sandia solar energy programs

March 31, 2016 5:10 pm Published by
Renewable Power Conversion, Inc., will receive technical support from Sandia Labs to complete the development of its Macro-Micro inverter.

Assistant Secretary of Energy David Danielson announced the first-round awardees in DOE/EERE’s Small Business Vouchers Pilot (SBV) that selects national laboratories to provide technical assistance to eligible small businesses. Sandia Labs’ solar energy programs are paired with two small businesses. Renewable Power Conversion, Inc. (RPC) was awarded a voucher for its project “Advanced Functionality Testing of RPC PV Inverter.” Sandia will work with RPC to complete the inverter development for commercial, industrial, and utility scale applications. SkySun, LLC, was awarded a voucher to develop its low cost heliostat (solar receiver) coordinate arrangement with applications in concentrating solar power and concentrating PV. Sandia will work with SkySun on its technology to achieve commercialization.