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Sandian Invited to Speak at “Addressing the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus”

Howard Passell (in Sandia’s Earth Systems Analysis Dept.) was invited to provide an opening introduction at the February 11th event, “Addressing the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus,” organized by the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, Energy and Environment Program and the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security in Washington, D.C. Howard’s talk was entitled “Opening Remarks: [...]

Fusion Instabilities Lessened by Unexpected Effect

In recent Z Machine experiments, two Helmholz coils unexpectedly altered and slowed the growth of the magneto Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) instabilities, a plasma distortion that usually spins quickly out of control and has sunk past efforts to achieve controlled fusion. Radiographs of the process showed that the Helmholz coils’ field altered and slowed magneto-RT instability growth, [...]

New Material Tests Show Biaxial Laminate Creep Is Important for Large Wind-Turbine Blades

Blade designers continue to push existing composite material capabilities  as they look to capture more wind with longer rotors. Recent industry observations of damage occurring earlier than expected in the blade panel regions (Figure 1) were brought to the attention of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and Montana State University (MSU). Blade panel regions typically use [...]

Magnetically Stimulated Flow Patterns Offer Strategy for Heat-Transfer Problems

Sandia’s Jim Martin and Kyle Solis (both in the Nanoscale Sciences Dept.) have discovered how to harness magnetic fields to create vigorous, organized fluid flows in particle suspensions. The magnetically stimulated flows offer an alternative when heat transfer is difficult because they overcome natural convection limits. Martin and Solis even demonstrated a heat-transfer valve that [...]

Structural and Mechanical Adaptive Rotor Technology (SMART) Final Project Reports Published

Actively controlling the aerodynamic loads on a wind-turbine rotor could benefit the entire turbine system significantly. The Structural and Mechanical Adaptive Rotor Technology (SMART) project was conducted to test the control capability of a rotor with aerody­namic actuators, evaluate the accuracy of simulation tools, and identify the requirements and challenges of pro­ducing a rotor with [...]

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