Joshua S. Stein, PhD


Joshua S. Stein, PhD

Photovoltaic Energy Systems Scientist

Joshua S. Stein is a member of the Photovoltaics and Materials Technology Program at Sandia National Laboratories. He currently leads R&D projects in the areas of photovoltaic module and system performance and reliability, specializing in modeling and analysis of new technologies and perovskite PV module bankability. He is the founder of the PV Performance Modeling Collaborative, represents the United States in the International Energy Agency PVPS Task 13 on PV Performance and Reliability, and is the director of the Perovskite PV Accelerator for Commercial Technologies (PACT). He has over 200 publications. Dr. Stein received a PhD in earth sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2000, and joined Sandia in 2001.

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