Anthony Martino, PhD


Anthony Martino, PhD


Anthony Martino manages the Photovoltaics (PV) and Materials Technology Department at Sandia National Laboratories. The Department’s Applied Research and Development (R&D) programs focus on performance characterization and models, reliability, degradation, and new materials and fabrication technologies for PV modules and systems. Materials R&D is leading to new PV module packaging formulations, and PV + Storage solutions with Sandia-developed battery chemistries and designs. Dr. Martino received a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Washington. His research focused on the phase behavior and microstructure of microemulsions and liquid crystals. He has applied these structured solutions as templates in the formation of new materials including nanoparticles, quantum dots, and thin films. Dr. Martino has authored over 50 patents and peer-reviewed publications, and over 100 conference proceedings and presentations.