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Category Energy Security, Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy, Technology Validation
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author A.Kimber, T.Dierauf, L.Mitchell, C.Whitaker, T.Townsend, J.NewMiller, D.King, J.Granata, K.Emery, C.Osterwald, D.Myers, B.Maroin, A.Pligavko, A.Panchula, T.Levitsky, J.Forbess, F.Talmud
report-id SAND2010-1609c

This paper reviews the PVUSA power rating method [1-6]
and presents two additional methods that seek to improve
this method in terms of model precision and increased
seasonal applicability. It presents the results of an
evaluation of each method based upon regression analysis
of over 12 MW of operating photovoltaic (PV) systems
located in a wide variety of climates. These systems include
a variety of PV technologies, mounting configurations, and
array sizes to ensure the conclusions are applicable to a
wide range of PV designs and technologies. The work
presented in this paper will be submitted to ASTM for use in
the development of a standard test method for certifying the
power rating of PV projects.