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Category Energy Security, Renewable Energy, Resource Assessment, Water Power, Wave Energy
report-id SAND2014-3565
year 2014
author B. Gunawan, J. Roberts, A. Dallman, V. Neary, S. Grovue, J. Mortensen, B. Heiner

The primary goal of the Department of
Energy’s Water Power Program is to efficiently
develop and utilize the country’s marine
hydrokinetic (MHK) and conventional
hydropower (CH) resources. The program has
recently identified the need to better understand the potential for hydrokinetic energy development within existing canal systems that may already have integrated CH plants. Hydrokinetic (HK) turbine operation can alter water surface elevations and modify flow in a canal. Significant water level alterations and hydrodynamic energy losses are generally undesirable for conventional hydropower, irrigation, and flood management operations.