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date June 12, 2009
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Category Energy Security, Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy, Technology Validation
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report-id SAND2009-3486C
event 34th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference
author Enrico C. Quintana, Michael A. Quintana, Kevin D. Rolfe, Kyle R. Thompson, Peter Hacke

Motivation for Exploring Diagnostic Capabilities for Application to New Photovoltaic Technologies:
Continued development of second (thin-films) and third generation PV (CPV and OPV)
Development and use of new materials and new component designs/geometries
Continued needs for failure analysis
Pressure to cut time-to-market development cycles
Pressure to increase throughput and yield
Pressure to develop and apply non-destructive diagnostics capable of rapid turnaround
Continued development of Sandia’s computed Tomography capabilites