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Disposal Systems Evaluations and Tool Development - Engineered Barrier System (EBS) Evaluation « Energy Security « Downloads

Date postedFebruary 8, 2013
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CategoriesEnergy Security, Manual, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Energy Safety, Geosciences


Key components of the nuclear fuel cycle are short-term storage and long-term disposal of nuclear
waste. The latter encompasses the immobilization of used nuclear fuel (UNF) and radioactive waste
streams generated by various phases of the nuclear fuel cycle, and the safe and permanent
disposition of these waste forms in geological repository environments. The engineered barrier
system (EBS) plays a very important role in the long-term isolation of nuclear waste in geological
repository environments. EBS concepts and their interactions with the natural barrier are inherently
important to the long-term performance assessment of the safety case where nuclear waste
disposition needs to be evaluated for time periods of up to one million years. Making the safety case
needed in the decision-making process for the recommendation and the eventual embracement of a
disposal system concept requires a multi-faceted integration of knowledge and evidence-gathering to
demonstrate the required confidence level in a deep geological disposal site and to evaluate longterm
repository performance

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