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Lanai High-Density Irradiance Sensor Network for Characterizing Solar Resource Variability of MW-Scale PV System « Renewable Energy « Energy Security « Downloads

Date postedApril 25, 2012
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CategoriesRenewable Energy, Presentation, Energy Security, Photovoltaic


The Lanai electric grid has one of the highest penetration
rates of PV generation in the world.
– Lanai peak load = 4.7 MWAC
– La Ola Solar Farm generation capacity = 1.2 MWAC
• Interconnection requirements currently limit PV output to
600 kW in order to prevent high ramp rates from cloud
• Sandia designed and installed an irradiance sensor network
(Lanai Irradiance Network Experiment: LINE) to characterize
spatial temporal irradiance patterns over the PV field.

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