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Storing Carbon Dioxide in Saline Formations: Analyzing Extracted Water Treatment and Use for Power Plant Cooling « Energy Security « Downloads

Date postedApril 20, 2012
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In an effort to address the potential to scale up of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and sequestration in the United States‟ saline formations, an assessment model is being developed using a national database and modeling tool. This tool builds upon the existing NatCarb database as well as supplemental geological information to address scale up potential for carbon dioxide storage within these formations. The focus of the assessment model is to specifically address the question, “Where are opportunities to couple CO2 storage and extracted water use for existing and expanding power plants, and what are the economic impacts of these systems relative to traditional power systems?” Initial findings indicate that approximately less than 20% of all the existing complete saline formation well data points meet the working criteria for combined CO2 storage and extracted water treatment systems.

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