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Time Series Simulation of Voltage Regulation Device Control Modes « Grid Integration « Photovoltaic « Solar Energy « Renewable Energy « Energy Security « Downloads

Date postedJuly 2, 2013
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CategoriesGrid Integration, Photovoltaic, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Partnerships, Technical Paper, Energy Security


The integration of photovoltaic systems (PV) on distribution feeders may result in unfavorable increases in the number of operations of voltage regulation devices, or may decrease the effectiveness of their settings, resulting in the need for mitigation. Voltage regulation devices commonly use controllers that have time delay settings and sample power system parameters at a high frequency. Quasi-static time series (QSTS) power flow simulation is necessary to properly analyze the impact of distributed PV integration on voltage regulation device operations. It is possible to properly simulate complex control algorithms through a COM interface program, resulting in more realistic and valuable results.

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