Cell Prototyping Facility

A lithium-ion cell winder used to manufacture 18650 cells that support the Battery Safety R&D program. Sandia has long maintained an energy storage prototyping and fabrication capability in support of its national security mission. As we have expanded our energy storage R&D into areas applicable to commercial applications, we have also adapted [...]

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A Model for the Nation: Promoting Education and Innovation in Vermont’s Electricity Sector

We are pleased to announce the publication of "A Model for the Nation: Promoting Education and Innovation in Vermont's Electricity Sector," a 70-page report summarizing the activities and outcomes of our Vermont-Sandia partnership's initial year. This document speaks to the broad collaborative effort involved, to the strong and enduring partnership, now formally known as the [...]

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Building a Microgrid

By Copyright © 2011 Albuquerque Journal Michael Hartranft Journal Staff Writer Japanese firms partner with labs, PNM, Mesa del Sol on project A collaborative U.S.-Japanese project that will use the Aperture Center at Mesa del Sol as the centerpiece for a smart grid technology demonstration is on track to go on line by [...]

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Sandia National Laboratories’ researchers publish their research in journal articles, technical reports, presentations, books, and multimedia. Use the links below to browse titles and publications from our energy programs. Search & Browse Energy Program Publications: Access select publication citations and full-text when available. Search All Sandia Publications: Search all of Sandia's research, results, [...]

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National Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The National Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Test Bed is a DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) -sponsored resource to help secure our nation’s energy control systems. It combines state-of-the-art operational system testing facilities with research, development, and training to discover and address critical security vulnerabilities and threats to the energy [...]

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Energy Surety Microgrid™

Energy Surety MicrogridTM (ESM) The Sandia-developed methodology presents a new paradigm in the production of our nation’s power – embracing the concept of “think globally, act locally,” but utilizing an innovative and practical approach. ESM methodology directly links energy surety (safety, security, reliability, sustainability, and cost effectiveness) with critical power needs.   It does this [...]

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Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab)

At the Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab), a Sandia researcher prepares to test a battery pack to determine its response under abuse conditions. The Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab) at Sandia is an internationally recognized leader in energy storage system safety research. The BATLab is committed to serving the energy storage community [...]

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Energy Storage

Sandia provides energy storage technologies and integrated solutions for large-scale adaption of energy storage across the electricity infrastructure. An Increasing Need for Energy Storage To serve the needs of a 21st century consumer base, the U.S. power grid must adapt to the emerging challenges and opportunities facing the country. Continuing changes in both state [...]

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Electric Grid

Modernizing our electrical grid is a tremendous undertaking, requiring the coordination and collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders spanning federal and local governments, the energy industry, electric utilities and—perhaps most importantly—the myriad of consumers. Sandia supports national efforts to modernize the electric grid by developing new transformational energy technologies; analyses of the technical, economic, [...]

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