Kevin Albrecht

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Kevin Albrecht

Kevin Albrecht

Post-Doctoral Researcher



Research Interests

  • High-temperature solar thermochemical energy storage
  • High- and intermediate-temperature fuel cell systems
  • Modeling of novel chemically reacting components and systems
  • CFD modeling of thermal-fluid systems

Selected Publications

  • K.J. Albrecht, G.S. Jackson, R.J. Braun, “Thermodynamically consistent modeling of redox-stable perovskite oxides for thermochemical energy conversion and storage,” Applied Energy, 165, p. 285-296, 2016.
  • K.J. Albrecht, R.J. Braun, “The effect of coupled mass transport and internal reforming on modeling of solid oxide fuel cells part I: Channel-level model development and steady-state comparison,” Journal of Power Sources, 304, p. 384-401, 2016.
  • K.J. Albrecht, C. Duan, R. O’Hayre, R.J. Braun, “Modeling Intermediate Temperature Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells,” Electrochemical Society Transactions, 68(1), p. 3165-3175, 2015.
  • K.J. Albrecht, R.J. Braun, “Thermodynamic Analysis of Non-Stoichiometric Perovskites as a Heat Transfer Fluid for Thermochemical Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Power,” ASME 9th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, 2015.
  • K.J. Albrecht, R.J. Braun, “Dynamic Modeling of SOFC Cogeneration Systems for Light Commercial Applications,” ASME 8th International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology, 2014.