Kenneth Brown, PhD

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Kenneth Brown, PhD

Kenneth Brown, PhD

Postdoctoral Appointee



Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Brown joined the Wind Energy Technologies department in 2019, and supports the Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) experimental facility, as well as contributing to validation of wind turbine wake models. Ken’s work with SWiFT has centered on uncertainty quantification for wind turbine nacelle-mounted lidar with applications in fundamental wake physics research and model validation. Broadly, Ken’s research interests include low-speed aerodynamics, flow diagnostics/wind tunnel testing techniques, and reduced-order modeling.

Before joining Sandia, Ken worked in industry on characterization of low-speed propulsors and turbomachinery technology. Dr. Brown holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech where his research in applied aerodynamics included developmental work on the emerging Kevlar-wall wind tunnel configuration for aeroacoustic/aerodynamic testing.