Joshua Christian

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Joshua Christian

Joshua Christian

R&D S&E, Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (505) 284-5190


Research interests

  • High temperature solar thermal receiver modeling
    • Falling particle receivers, molten salt receivers, super-critical carbon dioxide receivers
  • High temperature and high heat flux testing
    • Experimental design, testing, and evaluation
  • CFD modeling addressing challenging issues in high temperature applications
  • Mechanical design of unique testing systems

Selected Publications

  • Christian, J., Ortega, J., Ho, C., and Yellowhair, J., 2016, “Design and Modeling of Light-Trapping Tubular Receiver Panels,” ASME 2016 Power and Energy Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
  • Christian, J., and Ho, C., 2015, “Design Requirements, Challenges, and Solutions for High-Temperature Falling Particle Receivers,” SolarPACES 2015 Cape Town, South Africa
  • Christian, J. A. Moya, C. Ho, C. Andraka, J. Yuan. Probabilistic analysis to quantify optical performance and error budgets for next generation heliostats. J. Sol Energy Eng., 2015; 137(3):031014-031014-8. SOL-13-1072.
  • Christian, J., C. Ho. Alternative designs of a high efficiency, north-facing, solid particle receiver. Energy Procedia 49 ( 2014 ) 314 – 323.