Hydrogen Infrastructure

Hydrogen Infrastructure 2018-10-30T16:29:44+00:00

Developing Reliable, Low-Cost Hydrogen Infrastructure

NREL and SNL coordinate R&D capabilities and partnerships that are required to remove technical barriers associated with the widespread deployment of hydrogen infrastructure.  H2FIRST leverages existing DOE investments in NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), and the SNL Center for Infrastructure Research and Innovation (CIRI).  This unique capability does not exist elsewhere in the US and includes full-scale system and component testing and cycle-life research in excess of 700 bar hydrogen pressure.  The capability is aligned with the following FCTO objectives and program goals:

  • Enable an overall hydrogen cost of $2–$4/gge (dispensed and untaxed)
  • Enable retail sale of hydrogen in a consumer-friendly environment through the development of effective fuelling protocols and metering.
  • Develop, optimize and validate innovative hydrogen fueling architectures capable of producing and dispensing hydrogen at scales relevant to market growth.