Adriana Manriquez


Adriana Manriquez

Lead Financial Analyst


Adriana Manriquez is the lead financial analyst for the Water Power Technologies Program at Sandia National Laboratories. She is responsible for providing financial expertise for the management and oversight of business operations. Her main focus includes preparing financial reports, providing financial leadership, and providing support on decision modeling and project management analysis, as well as policy guidance, and projection/forecasting for the technical staff. Adriana works closely with the technical staff to develop its annual operating budget that in turn assists the team in carrying out its mission with authorized program budgets. She enjoys working with the knowledgeable technical team in the fast-paced field of renewable energy, and has worked at Sandia for 17 years in many different business positions, such as Division 9000 recruiting program team lead, service center business management support, line support specialist in Center 8800, and in other business management support roles within 8800.

Adriana holds a bachelor’s in business administration from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico.